Monday, November 29, 2010

AHRI Meeting in Phoenix

I participated in the semi annual AHRI meeting, held in Phoenix this year. A number of changes were approved for VAV box certification and data collection, which will be implemented over the next couple of years. These changes include the following:

1.) Certified data will be embedded in application data (in addition to a separate table of just certified data). This will require most manufacturers to reformat the appearance of application data, but not change any data. This is to be implemented immediately in electronic data, and eventually in reprints of catalog data. Krueger has already accomplished most of these changes in our online data.

2.) The method of test for sound power is being changed for discharge sound to include “end reflection” in the reverb room. This has been apart of other methods for reverb sound for other products, but never included in VAV box testing until now. This change will slightly increase the sound power levels to discharge sound in low frequencies, and will likely result in a minor increase to the reported discharge NC level. The effect will be greatest for small units (where discharge sound is seldom critical). This move is to put the AHRI 880 test method in line with other test methods. The proposed timeline is to have electronic data available within one year, and printed catalogs within three years. All new data shall be end reflection corrected. New data will be identified as tested per AHRI 880-2011. Krueger has already initiated these data recalculations and will have the on-line data posted in mid 2011.

3.) VVT type dampers are now going to be certified as single duct VAV boxes. They have been exempt in the past.

4.) ASHRAE 90.1 has requested that we report casing and damper leakage as a part of our certification program. This is currently being developed.

The next meeting of AHRI will be in the spring of 2011.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger