Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ASHRAE Winter Meeting Update

Another Winter ASHRAE meeting is behind us. I never made it to the show, as I was fully involved in technical meetings the whole time. Some actions that were taken on the committees I am involved in:

ASHRAE 62.1: Proposed changes will strengthen the requirement that ventilation must be added to VRV and fan coil units in apartments, multiple room dormitories, and multi room hotel spaces. It seems that ventilating a hotel room by sucking air from the corridor under the door by using the toilet exhaust isn’t all that effective.

VAV systems will be required to modulate the outdoor air damper to maintain the minimum ventilation rate at all times. It seems likely that measuring outdoor air quantity will be required in 62.1, as it is already required in 189.1. This should resolve issues some have had with VAV systems that they don’t provide proper ventilation at part load.

ASHRAE Standard 55 (Comfort): We are moving towards a form of mandatory language and better understanding of what is required for compliance. So far, the mandatory language will only be for design, not for current conditions. Mandating clothing and metabolic rate is of course, problematic.

TC 2.6 (Sound and Vibration) - Duct insertion loss being reevaluated for lengths longer than 10ft, in a research project at UNLV, which some of us toured on Tuesday morning. They have a very impressive facility, and are completing a study on inlet effects on diffuser performance.

TC 5.3 (Air Distribution) – Several Handbook chapters are being updated. If you haven’t looked at the ASHRAE Handbook chapters on Air Distribution in the past few years, now would be a good time. Lots of new stuff has been posted there.

TRG7 (Underfloor Design Guide Rewrite Task Group) – We have about 90% of first drafts in hand. Section ‘captains’ will be working towards closure on these drafts over the next few weeks. It is hoped we can have a final draft at the Montreal meeting in June.

As usual, the ASHRAE technical meetings could just as easily be held in a basement in Dubuque, as I seem to spend a lot of time locked in windowless rooms. Las Vegas was a fun place in the evenings, of course. The 6AM breakfast meeting was a challenge on Sunday, though.

It was great to see all the Krueger Reps at the Ghostbar on Sunday night!

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger