Monday, August 22, 2011

Visiting Reps in Montana

I spent the week travelling across Montana calling on our reps and doing presentations to a number of engineers. On Friday, I did an all day seminar on the Basics of Air Distribution for the NEBB organization. A number of engineers attended along with the NEBB air balancers. The presentation was well received.

Afterword, several balancers remarked that they wish the engineers who specify the work that they do had the benefit of the discussions I presented. They were pretty basic. It appears that many engineers, especially the younger ones, haven’t had any training in the basics of diffuser placement and proper selection. At least, in the eyes of the balancers who have to make their projects work.

I guess we need to get back to basics with the younger crowd, who in the complexity of computer aided design may lack general common sense and a few simple rules that can be obtained through proper education as well as experience.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger