Wednesday, February 8, 2012


In my last two submissions, I discussed an issue that came up at the ASHRAE meeting, which is now a couple weeks behind us. That, of course, was not all that went on there.

Here is a recap of my observations on technical matters in Chicago:

Friday: SSPC 62.1 / IAQ (I am a Consultant): The committee continues to tweak the Ventilation Standard through interpretations and addenda.

Saturday: SSPC 55 (Comfort) I am a voting Member: I reported on some of this earlier. It was interesting that when the folks from the Air Distribution Handbook Committee (TC 5.3) presented their plan (mine actually) for compliance, they all had to be introduced to the 55 members, as they had never met!

Sunday: SSPC 55, TC 5.3 Handbook/ SPC 129 (MOT ACE): The comfort folks met again in the morning, and discussed more on the methods for compliance to the Standard, which are sorely needed. The 129 committee (which is the standard for measuring air change effectiveness, the basis of table 6.2 on Standard 62.1) has determined that SF6 tracer gas is still the best choice. We will update references and present the Standard as a essentially reaffirmed, in San Antonio (next June).

Monday: Sales Meeting / TC 2.6 (Sound): We had a national sales meeting on Monday morning. It was nice to see all the reps I missed seeing last year, and of course, those I did. I reported that I saw 670 engineers last year, representing 80 Engineering firms, did 6 ASHRAE Chapter dinners, and gave 4 half day seminars on air distribution.

Tuesday: RP 1515 PMC / TC 5.3 (Member): As I reported last week, RP 1515 is looking at the Yahoo campus in California and reports very low interior loads. VAV boxes set at 30% of design (0,3 cfm/sf) were going into reheat in the afternoon. TC 5.3 is sponsoring research to look into getting ADPI data at low flows, in heating, and for other systems.

Wednesday: TRG 7 (Underfloor Design Manual rewrite): The final draft is loaded on a proprietary website and committee members are doing final edits. These should be complete in a couple of weeks. We will then hand it over to ASHRAE Staff for editorial cleanup.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger