Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Trip to Canada!

It’s been a while (a month!) since my last blog. I had the opportunity to take yet another trip to Canada, this time to speak to the NEBB (Air Balancers) National meeting in Montreal. I spoke on the latest Standards and some of the basics of Air Distribution. Again, it seems that one cannot get too basic in a discussion of air distribution basics, as it seems this is a subject neglected in both universities and the real world. I had several invitations to speak to local NEBB chapters as a result. 

We discussed one of my favorite subjects, the adjustment of adjustable diffusers. It seems to be a consensus that the balancers are neither responsible for, nor prepared to adjust linear diffusers. I guess the engineer and the installing contractor are left to take care of this. Failure to do so will likely result in rooms that are stratified, slow to respond to load changes, and will result in uncomfortable occupants. Other than that, I guess there will be no problems.

I ran into the editor of the ASHRAE Journal while I was at the conference. He invited me to write a series of articles for the “Engineer’s Notebook” of the Journal. Naturally I accepted, and in fact the first two are already on the way and will appear in the June and July issues of the Journal. If they seem a bit familiar, they are based on blogs I posted here in the past few months. Hopefully more folks will get my rants, or rather - thoughtful messages.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger