Thursday, February 20, 2014

ASHRAE Articles Authored by Dan Int-Hout (Update)

Now that we are settled after the January ASHRAE meeting, I have some interesting news to report. I have been named a Director At Large (DAL) for ASHRAE. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta at the end of January for training and then I’ll be able to report on what my duties will be. I will of course be attending all meetings of the Board of Directors, either in Atlanta at annual meetings or on-line. I am very excited about being able to use my experience as an ASHRAE member for 40 years to help the Society move forward. My tenure will be for three years, starting officially in June.

I now have 10 articles submitted or published in the ASHRAE Journal. I reported earlier on the first set, here are the summaries:

June 2013 - Slots are Adjustable
July 2013 - Comfort vs. Energy
August 2013 - VAV Research Validates Low Airflow Comfort
September 2013 - Balancing Factors

I reported on some of the details of these in a blog in September last year.

New are:

October 2013 - You Have to Prove It
Validation of computer models is necessary to prove that the input assumptions, and the math used is valid. All too often we are seeing estimates that just don’t pan out in practice.

December 2013 - Hospital Operating Room Air Distribution
I reported on the understandings of how air curtain systems in Hospital OR’s have been proven to be an effective way of reducing infection rates, the current article in the February issue notwithstanding.

January 2014 - Reheat Coil Issues and Answers
Hot water coils are being designed with cooler entering water than in the past and it is causing some selection issues. I discuss minimum flows, and issues with electric heaters as well.

February 2014 - High Bay Air Distribution
Providing temperature control and comfort in locations with high ceilings is always a challenge. I have provided some easy ways to estimate the effect of buoyancy on delivered air flows.

March 2014 - High Performance Air Distribution Systems
An ASHRAE multiple discipline task group (MTG) is looking at how to design air distribution systems for maximum efficiency and sustainability. I have offered the spin on the terminal end of things.

April 2014 (Just submitted) – Compliance to Standard 55 (Comfort)
Compliance with Standard 55 (Comfort) can appear to be complicated. I have offered a bit of history on the calculation methods and have shown an easy path to compliance.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger