Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Is it May already??

Sadly, ASHRAE still hasn’t published the letter to the Editor from our Engineering Manager on the Hospital OR article that made the cover of the Journal in February. (The one I wrote last year has received no comments.) The other articles I wrote have all been posted on our website under Learn > White Papers.

The big news is, of course, the purchase of Air Distribution Technologies (our parent company) by JCI (Johnson Controls). We have been assured that business will continue as always. The best part is that we are no longer being owned by a “holding company,” where our future was rather uncertain. We hope, of course, that the purchasing power and vast industry knowledge of our new owners will provide us with an array of new opportunities that will allow us to serve our customers better.

All that being said, I will continue towards my role as a member of ASHRAE’s board, effective after the summer meeting. I have been appointed to the Tech Council, where I will be able to see the ins and outs of technical activities. I was asked to prepare a short statement in response to the question “As ASHRAE moves ahead in developing a new strategic plan, what are the strengths of ASHRAE that we must not lose sight of?” I responded with the following, as printed in the April ASHRAE Insights.

“ASHRAE has a unique membership composed of manufacturers, academics, and design engineers. We need to make sure we take full advantage of the research capabilities and manufacturing expertise to provide the design community with the truly innovative, thoroughly tested, and affordable products and systems that meet our core goal: that of providing acceptable environments for the occupants of buildings that we heat, cool, and ventilate. In this way, we can ensure that healthy and comfortable folks continue to provide a record level of productivity in the workplace and at home. It would be an added bonus if we could, at the same time, minimize our impact on the environment by reducing energy use and minimizing unsustainable activities."

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger