Friday, October 2, 2015

Underfloor Products

With installations taking place in millions of square feet of office space, underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is seemingly gaining in popularity, at least when compared to where it was just a few years ago. In fact, Krueger just recently released their new and improved line of UFAD products that include interior, perimeter, partially stratified, and true displacement ventilation solutions.

As chair of the Technical Committee for the rewriting of ASHRAE’s UFAD design guide, I became much more familiar with the details surrounding underfloor air distribution, both good and bad.

- It provides a truly flexible solution and is great for high-churn applications.

- It allows users to be in more control of their comfort by way of controlling the flow of air in their immediate space.

- It requires careful coordination with all the construction trades to avoid the loss of conditioned air into unwanted spaces (leakage).

- Designs must take into account the perimeter to properly handle solar loads. (This can be said for any form of air distribution!)

- There must be controls in place to maintain humidity control. Should moisture issues arise, they may not be apparent until it has caused a more severe problem.

Luckily though, with proper planning and when you can find the right partners and product mix, all these details can be addressed to ensure a successful UFAD system. (Of course, with the products come the expertise and guidance from the supplier - like Krueger, who has installed many successful UFAD projects.) So, if you haven’t already, take another look at UFAD, it’s a proven technology that can offer many benefits to building owners and occupants.

Learn about Krueger’s new line of underfloor products.