Thursday, March 30, 2017

Getting Caught Up

Well, it's March of 2017 and I haven’t posted a blog in 6 months. I guess it’s time.

I last posted a summary of the ASHRAE Journal articles I have had published way back in 2015.

- June 2013 - Slots are Adjustable
- July 2013 - Comfort vs. Energy
- August 2013 - VAV Research Validates Low Airflow Comfort
- September 2013 - Balancing Factors
- October 2013 - You Have to Prove It
- December 2013 - Hospital Operating Room Air Distribution
- January 2014 - Reheat Coil Issues and Answers
- February 2014 - High Bay Air Distribution
- March 2014 - High Performance Air Distribution Systems
- April 2014 - Compliance to Standard 55 (Comfort)
- May 2014 - The Deal about Duct Lining
- August 2014 - The VAV DOAS Fan Powered Terminal
- November 2104 - Proper Selection of Chilled Beams  
- January 2015 - Variable Volume Series Fan Box

Since then, I have had three more published, two in the Journal and the final one in the on-line version of the Journal.

- July 2015 - Basics of Air Distribution - This article provided a basic understanding of how well mixed air distribution works in a space.

- October 2015 - History of Fan Powered VAV Terminal Units - Co-authored with another industry colleague, this article traced the history of the fan powered terminal unit in commercial office systems.

- October 2016 - Part of Making Connections - In this, I described how three technical paths, all starting in the 70’s, progressed to finally come together in 2016 to allow new designs to be employed for improvement in acoustics, energy, and comfort.

Planned for this summer are three ASHRAE Journal papers. They will summarize a significant amount of information gained from a study of series and parallel fan powered terminal units performed by ASHRAE and AHRI. These will be co-authored with other industry colleagues.

Authored by: Dan Int-Hout, Chief Engineer Krueger